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About the Richmond Orchid Alliance

Orchid DrawingThe Richmond Orchid Alliance provides seasoned and knowledgeable leadership eager to share an alternative approach to learning everything about orchids in the Greater Richmond Area.

Our goal is to serve all levels of orchid interests from the recent recipient of a gift orchid who wants to know how to take care of it; those who have just a few orchids on their windowsill as well as those with greenhouses filled with a vast collection.

ROA provides down-to-earth knowledge for the out-of-this-world flower ~ the orchid.

Founders of ROA collectively represent decades of orchid growing and showing experience! The main objective of the Richmond Orchid Alliance is to promote the cultivation and appreciation of orchids.

Our programs are structured to advance knowledge in all areas of orchid growing for beginners to advanced growers. Come join us for featured speakers and programs emphasizing the culture of orchids with informal question and answer segments and educational critique of showcased member plants.

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