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November 2014

November Cover Photo

Culture Under Lights

Now that the weather has turned cool or cold at night all our orchids are safely inside.  Most of them are crowded since somehow they seem to take lessons from rabbits while outdoors. Now they need more space, due to increased numbers, as well as larger size with the great growing conditions they have during this time.  Now, how do you squeeze them in? How do you provide sufficient light? 

Many of us grow plants under lights but must find a place to put them so that they are not crowded so tightly that there is insufficient air movement. There will be a talk about growing under lights and learn the different ways that several of us have used to assemble our lights and plants in order to have optimal growing conditions in tight spaces.

The November meeting is an annual social where we have foods more like a light meal than just refreshments.  Bring what you like to eat and we will have a nice time. Come join us for a nice social where we get to know other members better and a program with information that most of us will need at some point.

The meeting is Nov. 9 at 2 pm.  Bring orchid or plant items for the raffle.

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The Richmond Orchid Alliance provides seasoned and knowledgeable leadership eager to share an alternative approach to learning everything about orchids in the Greater Richmond Area.

ROA provides down-to-earth knowledge for the out-of-this-world flower ~ the orchid.

Founders of ROA collectively represent decades of orchid growing and showing experience! The main objective of the Richmond Orchid Alliance is to promote the cultivation and appreciation of orchids.


2014 ROA Programs

January - Clark Riley: Building the 21st Century Hobby Greenhouse
February - Charlie Wilkins: Lesser Known Orchids That We Should Consider Growing
March - Joe Mathias: Paphiopedilums Past, Present, and Future
April - Keith Davis: Growing Award Winning Cattlyas
May - To be Announced
June - Allen Black: Orchid Adventures in Belize
July - No program
August - No program
September 14 - Members Plant swap
October - Paul Storm: Schomburkias (Joint meeting with VOS_
November - To be announced

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