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March 2014


Paphiopedilums, Past, Present and Future

Do you want to grow great paphs? The cost of plants that do not do well for whatever reason is a problem for many of us. We wanted the plants or we would not have bought them so we need to know what to do to be successful. When we buy plants we want them to give us years of pleasure and not have trouble with a sick plant.

Joe Mathias, our speaker for this month, will help us identify the reasons for problems in the culture of our paphs and help us to grow them successfully. For many years Joe has been interested in orchids. He joined VOS and when ROA was formed he became a member here also. He has worked with the accredited judges and learned a lot about orchid requirements. As the fellow that provides a local source of supplies at our meetings he is well known to our members. Joe is an excellent photographer and has given a program on photographing orchids to ROA. While he grows many varieties of orchids he will talk about the requirements for paphs. Joe is an experienced grower with many years of experience and will provide good info on past history of paphs, present thoughts on breeding and culture and what is expected in the future.

See you at the March 9 meeting at 2:00 p.m. at the Hermitage.

Members may sell plants.

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The Richmond Orchid Alliance provides seasoned and knowledgeable leadership eager to share an alternative approach to learning everything about orchids in the Greater Richmond Area.

ROA provides down-to-earth knowledge for the out-of-this-world flower ~ the orchid.

Founders of ROA collectively represent decades of orchid growing and showing experience! The main objective of the Richmond Orchid Alliance is to promote the cultivation and appreciation of orchids.


2014 ROA Programs

January - Clark Riley: Building the 21st Century Hobby Greenhouse
February - Charlie Wilkins: Lesser Known Orchids That We Should Consider Growing
March - Joe Mathias: Paphiopedilums Past, Present, and Future
April - Keith Davis: Growing Award Winning Cattlyas
May - To be Announced
June - Allen Black: Orchid Adventures in Belize
July - No program
August - No program
September 14 - Members Plant swap
October - Paul Storm: Schomburkias (Joint meeting with VOS_
November - To be announced

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