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December 2014

December 2014


Many of the newer members of ROA may not be aware of why we organized and how it all came about. Before 2005 there was one organization for orchid lovers and that was Virginia Orchid Society and we were all members but many of us were not happy with the content of the meetings. They were almost all directed at orchid breeding and what you cross to get what. We wanted to concentrate on culture of our orchids. In the summer of 2005 we organized a new organization and named it Richmond Orchid Alliance. Our Constitution and By Laws were set up to promote culture in all meetings and concentrate on what it takes to improve the health of our plants. In addition to improving the culture of our plants we also streamlined the meetings and did a number of other things that would improve our experience with ROA. There were great meetings with growers from all over the US.

Our first speaker was from Miami, then other well- known growers were added from CA, MI, FL, NC, and so on. We had road trips to growers and picnics while there and came home with a busload of great plants. We were active in the shows of other societies and there are fewer of them now then were held then. We put on a great show in the first year we were a society. When the economic depression hit many of the growers stopped growing their own plants and ordered them almost ready to sell in order for their businesses to survive and others went out of business. Auctions were no longer the primary method of raising funds for ROA to provide for the expenses of the society and we had to find other methods of funding the activities. We do not have a lot of space at home for growing plants and the money to support them. The prices are frequently lower than previously but the ability to purchase them is less.

Go back to the July 2005 and look at the Bulletins from that time. You will see that we have not been a society of travelogues or breeding but of improving our culture. There are things that can be done to improve the situation we find ourselves in now with the economy still in a slump and we do need competent officers and committee persons to make this happen. Mike Chambliss is a great president who will be very busy for the coming year and he needs help. Volunteer for anything and he will find a spot for you. And visitors are always welcome.

Thanks very much for all our members and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Let’s make this one of the best years we have ever had despite the challenges of our times. There is no meeting this month.

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Richmond Orchid Alliance

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The Richmond Orchid Alliance provides seasoned and knowledgeable leadership eager to share an alternative approach to learning everything about orchids in the Greater Richmond Area.

ROA provides down-to-earth knowledge for the out-of-this-world flower ~ the orchid.

Founders of ROA collectively represent decades of orchid growing and showing experience! The main objective of the Richmond Orchid Alliance is to promote the cultivation and appreciation of orchids.


2014 ROA Programs

January - Clark Riley: Building the 21st Century Hobby Greenhouse
February - Charlie Wilkins: Lesser Known Orchids That We Should Consider Growing
March - Joe Mathias: Paphiopedilums Past, Present, and Future
April - Keith Davis: Growing Award Winning Cattlyas
May - To be Announced
June - Allen Black: Orchid Adventures in Belize
July - No program
August - No program
September 14 - Members Plant swap
October - Paul Storm: Schomburkias (Joint meeting with VOS_
November - To be announced

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